Child Testimonials

‘As soon as I heard we were doing the blocks I thought it would be good and it was excellent’. Jade.

‘It was a very nice experience and they were fun to make.’ Matthew.

‘I enjoyed it because I had never done something like carving faces before so it was a fun, new experience.’ Sally.

‘It was an interesting & creative experience that I would like to do again!! Thank you.’ Amy.

‘I really enjoyed learning all the different parts of sculpting but it wore me out !!!’ Margaret.

‘I really liked it because I was born in New Zealand, so I wanted to do a Maori mask and it turned out so well on the Durox block. Thank you for helping me.’ Thomas.

‘I thought that it was very exciting to be carving in the stones and I think that the finished totem pole looks very good.’ Jessica.

‘I enjoyed the project, especially designing the faces’. Corrie.

‘I liked using the hammer to bang the chisel and the concrete fell off.’ Daniel.

‘She inspired me for the future and I want to carve at home.’ Briony.