• Who can take part?

Anyone from KS2 upwards! Sculpture 4 Schools assumes no previous experience. We provide all necessary training using specially commissioned tools which have been chosen for their effectiveness, ease of use, and with children in mind, safety.

  • Is all the equipment provided?

Yes, ‘Sculpture 4 Schools’ provides all the equipment including special mallets, chisels and rasps etc. This is in addition to safety equipment described below.

  • Does the school need to provide any special facilities?

The school is asked to provide a suitable safe working area, with tables (of the same height), for the duration of the project. To enable work to continue in the event of rain, some shelter such as a gazebo would be ideal, otherwise some temporary indoor accommodation will be needed in wet weather.
  • What consideration do you give for Health and Safety?

Sculpture 4 Schools takes Health and Safety extremely seriously

–‘Sculpture 4 Schools’ provides full-faced visors or safety goggles which the children are required to wear while chipping away at the stone. We also provide dust masks to be worn during the sweeping up of the dust. Full instructions are given to the children on the correct and safe use of the tools.

--To enable the larger groups to participate, Sculpture 4 Schools requests that a parent volunteer or LSA is present during the practical sessions to provide another pair of eyes and hands.  This would enable groups of 8 or 9 to work at one time.

  • What requirements are there for siting of the finished project?

Due to the lightweight nature of the material, a properly prepared simple level surface is all that is required. Sculpture 4 Schools can help specify a number of suitable foundations depending on the project and school environment.

  • Do the sculptures need a surface finish to be applied?

They can be left as off-white sculptures casting lights and shadows associated with relief carving, or they can be painted an array of vibrant colours and coated for protection against the weather for outdoor creations (see our Gallery for examples).